258 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02111

We are happy to help you with your real estate needs for investment, renting and sales. Our property sales and rentals are limited to Massachusetts, but we welcome all referrals! Please contact us anytime.

Due to Wire Fraud, please contact our office by phone before sending any funds to verify wiring information. Deposits can be dropped in our mailbox after hours or mailed to the office. Funds should be made out to Tai Tung Realty.

We do not normally post to Craigslist due to the number of scams. However, when we do, our office will always make arrangements to show you, in person, the inside of the actual unit advertised. After your viewing with us, and are then interested, you will always make the deposit check with the Application payable to Tai Tung Realty, Inc., NOT the owner or someone else personally. PLEASE verify all this before you unknowingly forward funds to any scammers. It is easy for scammers to create a fake email account and buy a disposable phone and copy a previous ad.

Please review the MA state website on how to protect yourself and others.


we can be found at 258 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02111

Contact Our Agents

Nick Chau: 617-308-3882
Henry Leong: 617-780-2209, henry@taitungrealty.com
Daniel Law: 617-276-2162
Gina Wong: 857-321-1030
Gaily Yee: 617-429-0185
Wing Chow: 857-222-3192
Terry Kwan: 617-259-7972
Stephanie Pham: 857-919-3169

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