Our 2018 Rental Listings

Availability at Metropolitan

1 Nassau Street, Boston, MA 02111:
All units include washer/dryer and all appliances.
Floor plans and styles may vary.

Available June 1st:
2 BR/2 BA: $3500

2 BR/2 BA: $3450

Available July 1st:
2 BR/2 BA: $3400

For Metropolitan showings: Contact Nick Chau at 617-308-3882 or snickchau88@gmail.com

Other Rental Listings

Available September 1st:

211 Harrison Ave: 1 BR/1 BA: $1860


For other Rental Listings, please contact Henry Leong at 617-780-2209

All Rentals are subject to one month rental fee payable to Tai Tung Realty, Inc.